The Whole Univers Is A Living Being
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“You are life passing through your body,
Passing through your mind,
Passing through your soul.
You are the force that moves the wind
And breathes through your body.
The whole Universe is a living being
That is moved by that force,
And that is what you are.

Don Miguel Ruiz
The Four Agreements

When loss comes knocking at your door as it will for each one of us, will you have the door open so it flows through with grace and ease or is the door shut tightly?

We are not given the tools in our society to prepare us for parting and transition. We resist change with all our might and this causes our distress, our sadness and our intense grieving. We do not understand, we choose to blame God or others. We take no responsibility for the creative beings that we are. We are spirit in body and therefore our attachments to each other are the emotional thread that binds us. When one of us transitions, or dies, we yearn for their physical presence, we are still attached, we think we are human only in this moment and do not acknowledge our Spirit. We become caught in the lie of the ego. It is a lie that traps us in pain and sadness. To free ourselves we have to release the attachment gently with grace and ease. We are not losing our connection with those we love we are in truth intensifying it. Finding the truth of our connection rather than the lie of ego. Discovering how close we all are to each other, our Oneness is the way home.

Releasing Grief

To do this we must release our grief through mourning. Grief is our internal process, thoughts, feelings, the weight in the chest, the churning in the gut, the unspeakable thoughts and feelings. Mourning is crying, journaling, creating artwork, telling our story, speaking the unspeakable.

Everyone grieves when someone we love dies, but if we are to heal, we must also mourn. In our human experience it is important for us to acknowledge what is lost to us. Discovering what is left and finding ways to mourn the loss rather than limit our awareness of it. Then when we are able to translate our feelings of pain and sadness through cathartic means we can transform our grief. What helps? Ceremony and ritual are ancient ways of moving our sorrows through us. Embracing all the many ways at our disposal, such as writing or journaling, poetry, art, music, embroidery, quilting, and so on.

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Create your own ceremony and ritual, light candles show photographs, do what helps you. Others may comment that this is morbid. It is easier for others if we are not demonstrative about our grief as it reminds them of their own. It can also trigger others desire to rescue, as they perceive that this will ease the pain. All around people at home, at work, friends and family want the griever to be ‘normal’. It is selfish to want others to stop their crying, their mourning, as this is the grievers release, it is their way through to the other side.

“If you could just be who you were before the loss, before the death”. Everything has changed and we cannot go back, we are not the same but we have to go within to heal to once more emerge. This is a transition process an opportunity for change and growth, how hard that feels when we are in the middle of despair. Yet, out of chaos comes order once more as we move through the grief.

Grief Therapy

Grief and Bereavement Therapy Workshops and retreats offer a healing and nurturing space to mourn. In the healing arms of nature a calming and peaceful space is provided to release fully and wholly with nurturing assistance from facilitator’s who are skilled in the art of grief and healing.

Coming together with others who are grieving helps us on the journey. We are not alone. We do not have to explain to our fellow participants who ‘get it’. Relaxing into the peace of being our true self, finding freedom in our expression is a releasing and beautifully healing experience.


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