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Christine was born, raised and educated in England. She began her career as a Registered Nurse, which evolved into nurse education and a teaching career. Obtaining a Masters degree in Counseling from Nottingham University furthered her specialization of communication and counseling skills education. Christine held a teaching position for 10 years with the Nursing School at Nottingham University, as part of her responsibilities she worked in hospice, and assisted clients dealing with loss, grief and bereavement, trauma and abuse before coming to the United States.

Since her immigration to the USA in 1999, Christine has worked in hospitals, non-profit organizations, and private practice. As a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, with the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH). Christine supports clients in the healing of old wounds and releasing blocks that prevent the true or authentic Self from emerging.

Christine Hunters Satisfied Client From Texas

In 2006 Christine trained with Dr. Michael Newton in Sante Fe for LBL Spiritual Regression Therapy. An intensive training course for experienced hypnotherapists familiar with past life regression therapy. Christine now offers LBL sessions.

Christine says: “With your willingness to change, and a little guidance, you can make the changes you desire, live happily, freely, abundantly, being your natural Self, confident and loving; experiencing outwardly the Divinity you truly are within.”
Christine works with individuals and groups during the time of loss, grief and bereavement. Whilst grief is a natural process it is misunderstood in our culture. Counseling or therapy is not necessarily required for grieving to move through us effectively, but not everyone has the knowledge, tools and skills to ease their journey. Christine offers courses and workshops that empower the individual to embrace the transformative power of grief, and move forward with the understanding that grief forever changes us but does not have to paralyze us.

Christine's Satisfied Client From Los Angeles
Christine With Dr. Michael Newton

ABOUT THE WOLF: Christine says: “The Wolf was presented to me as my Animal Spirit Guide. We have walked this path over many lifetimes together. I respect and honor Wolf for all that she brings as a reminder of the truth of who we are.”

The Wolf Teaches Freedom Through Trusting Your Own Instincts

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Christine Hunter-Robertson
541. 292. 2565

Wolf is the Pathfinder of new ideas and is symbolic of Teacher - Wolf seeks the path of knowledge in order to teach others and share natures ancient truths and mysteries. New paths are taken by Wolf in order to constantly learn new ways for the betterment of all. Wolf is also symbolic of freedom - freedom to be our true self, using our intuitive guidance. Wolf can teach us to honor and connect with family whilst maintaining a strong individualistic drive, to respect all beings on this earth.

Native Americans and Aboriginal tribes believe that Wolf is connected to the Dog Star, Sirius, which is said to be the Star and home of our Ancients. Wolf is connected to the Moon and is often found howling at the time of the full moon. The moon is symbolic of deep emotions and feminine energies. For women, being at one with the cycle of the moon can regulate and connect us to our own ‘moon-time’ or menses.

Wolf can empower each one of us to step into our truth our ‘sweet spot’ and aid our understanding of Spirit, Divinity and Life.


To Schedule Your Appointment Contact:
Christine Hunter-Robertson
541. 292. 2565


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