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Life Between Life Experiences

It is Important to note that most individuals are fully capable of the necessary level of trance. People who are already familiar with trance and have experienced hypnosis tend to enter into the hypnotic state more easily. To enhance the experience and to ensure that sufficient depth of trance can be reached in one session it is necessary to have had a previous past life regression session.

Prior to the session you will need to prepare two lists:

1. Questions of up to 10.
These questions will be about the information you are seeking for your personal growth, individual awareness, relationships, purpose and so on. These need to be typed out so I can read them and use these efficiently when you are in the Spiritual space of regression or LBL.

2. Cast of Characters is the name given to your list of people, friends, family members. This list is required to identify meaningful relationships, connections and karmic ties to others who are important or have been important in your life. The list needs to be typed with one phrase to describe the personality and connection to you. E.g. David - my brother, kind, family man, creative, loves nature. Keep the list to 10 -12 names.

3. An additional tape recorder: Your session will be taped. You may bring an additional recorder as back-up.

4. Getting the most out of your session: To get the most out of your session, do not plan to work afterwards or travel far. Eat lightly, and avoid caffeine or too much water. The night of the session you may be tired and your mind will continue to process the information. You will need to allow a minimum of 45 minutes time post session for ‘grounding’. Having been in an altered space for 3-4 hours it is important to take the time necessary to be present. At the office space there are beautiful gardens to walk in or to sit quietly while you come back fully into your body. Consider anything that you are concerned about and feel free to ask questions so that you feel fully informed about your session. For my part I will ensure adequate time is given so that all the above is met satisfactorily. You can then feel excited and ready for your session.

Creek Scene
Beyond Time & Space


While relaxing in a recliner in a comfortable office setting, we will take a few moments to review the questions and cast of characters you have prepared. Then, after being guided through progressive relaxation designed for physical and mental relaxation, you will access current life memories through age regression. These will be merely for memory recall, to attune to the journey, they are not meant for healing at this stage. Therefore, childhood memories accessed will be happy or neutral only. If you are concerned about this be assured that we will discuss this in detail before the session begins.

Your LBL journey will begin with a past life regression. The reason for this is that regression to a past life and moving gently to the death scene provides a natural entry and acts as a springboard to the spirit world. Here you are lovingly greeted and able to access this knowledge of your soul's history.

Working with those from varied backgrounds, it has been my experience that people are at different levels of awareness and the information that is relevant for them at their own level is what comes and in a form they can understand. Although the technique is the same, no two sessions have been the same. Feedback from those who have encountered the spirit world is always given kindly, lovingly and with the intention to aid us in our healing process. There can also be many surprises.

Clients Describe The Experience as Amazing!
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Meeting with your Spiritual Guide, soul group, and connecting with Highly Evolved Beings often referred to as the Council of Elders, exploring life selection--all of these are deeply personal experiences. Clients have a deeper level of understanding of themselves and their place in the world. While in trance time becomes very elastic and non-linear. Clients are often surprised at how quickly the session flows and tend to be in a profound state when the session is over. The integration process continues afterwards where most return with a renewed commitment of their life's purpose.

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